Student Life

Life at Ryan

Life at Ryan is about giving your child the best you have wanted as a parent. From a strong academic foundation to the development of your child’s physical, spiritual and emotional personality, the Ryan way is about holistic development in its true sense. Our three decades of academic excellence is an open testimonial one can refer to. We understand that after home, the single biggest influence is the institution that you choose for your child’s learning, making it all the more crucial for you to take this decision with great care.

Indian Model United Nations (INMUN)

It is no secret that every international resolution, treaty and act being made or signed today is in some way seeking to make this world a better place, a more peaceful place where the citizens of the world can achieve their maximum potential and happiness. The UN continues to be the apostle of peace and cooperation. The process of negotiation and diplomacy is complex and by no means easy. Yet the world we envisage for ourselves is a goal we must strive to achieve.

INMUN is a student run simulation of the United Nations that started in the year 2001. Student delegates representing various UN member nations address specific issues of current interest. Through debate and negotiation student delegates attempt to resolve regional and international problems. They are expected to do this in a conciliatory manner to the fullest of their nation’s interests and thus learn to embrace the spirit of the UN charter.

INMUN 2013, which was held in New Delhi between August 8th and August 11th, was themed ‘Take a STAND- Stay True & Never Deviate’ and witnessed a massive participation of 900 delegates representing 120 countries.

INMUN 2014 , which was held in New Delhi between 30th October to 1st November 2014, was themed ‘in Search of PEACE’.

INMUN 2015 , which was held in New Delhi between 08th October to 10th October 2015, was themed ‘Shaping
the Future’.

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International Children Festival of Performing Arts (ICFPA)

International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts (ICFPA) was started in the year 2000 under the aegis of Ryan Foundation. Its main aim was to create an international platform for young people to perform, unite, exchange ideas and explore the medium of dance, drama, puppetry and various other genres of performing Arts.

We believe that performing arts is a sensitive, creative and liberal medium of expression which helps to establish a bond of friendship and cooperation among nations.

ICFPA creates events and forums where participants from across the globe participate and amalgamate. The festival is not limited to viewing performances; here the focus is interaction, improvisation, play and discussion among the participants.

The festival has spread its roots far and wide, with more Asian, African and European countries joining us year after year. In the year 2004, we had more than 280 performances and 4000 children participating in the festival.

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World Scholar’s Cup

In order to foster the winner spirit among our students, we are regulars at some of the top learning events in the world. The World Scholar’s Cup is one such competition in which our students have proven their academic prowess. In 2013, Ryan International was the only Indian school to qualify at the regional round held at Singapore while competing with over 100 best schools from 30 nations and 1000 participants.

National Cadent Corps (NCC)

One of the best ways to inculcate leadership qualities in youth is through participation in NCC activities. At Ryan, we are devoted to impart a sense of nationalism and secular outlook among our students that contributes towards nation building. The NCC activities provide a perfect platform to promote camaraderie and resilience, the much needed qualities of a true leader.

Social Service Camps

It not the classroom learning alone that will suffice the needs and demands of today’s youth. For the holistic development of the child, extra-curricular activities play a crucial role. Our Social Service Camps serve the dual purpose of experiential learning involving physical and mental abilities. The goal is to groom the leaders of tomorrow who can lead by example.

Experiencial Learning

At Ryan International, we ensure that along with a high calibre of academics our children inculcate winning habits from a young age. We do this through various character building activities that strengthen their moral fibre and helps them face the rigors of academia and life.

The Ryan way is defined as KASSM – Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Social & Moral Values. Values with sound knowledge and the wisdom to use it constructively is what provides the differential factor to our students at Ryan. Ryanites are “Kings and Queens in the Making”. Our institutions provide a learning environment that is adaptable and flexible, facilitating potential changes in the higher education pattern.

This is done with an objective to support the new academic paradigm that provides learning for students in a manner most suited to them.

Educational Exchange Programs

Educational tours are a regular feature of our school activities. Various out station trips are organized for students in order to familiarize them with the world outside the textbooks.

Our belief in experiential learning is one of our strong points. Students often question the importance of topics they study in class. Field trips can answer the question of how learning can be applied in life.

Every year, hundreds of students from various Ryan Group Institutions are flown to the prestigious National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States for hands-on learning workshops.

At NASA students analyze the benefits of experiential learning in cross-disciplinary global learning environments. Students learn by experience what cannot be taught and benefit from synthesizing the viewpoints, ideologies, and frames of reference of diverse co-participants and mentors. During this trip students are encouraged to work in teams in order to design, build test and launch their own satellite space payloads.

Environment Awareness Drives

As part of the social responsibility campaign, we organize regular awareness drives to promote greater understanding of the environment. To make this process more streamlined, we have introduced special clubs in all our schools for this purpose. Ryan Group has been at the forefront of many plantation and cleanliness drives with active participation from the student, parent and teaching community.

Community Projects

One of the essential aspects of studying at Ryan is the strong emphasis on value based education. As part of this learning philosophy, we constantly train students to grow up as responsible citizens without a self-centered worldview. To make it happen, a number of community based welfare projects are organized in all schools. The aim is to nurture talent that has social change close to its heart.

Ryan TV

Celebrating creativity, Celebrating children is our motto, and we believe very strongly that the youth of today should have a platform to air their opinions. Ryan TV is a revolutionary idea aiming to harness the reach and popularity of the Internet through information, entertainment and edutainment resources. We, at Ryan TV believe in using social and value based broadcasting as a strong tool to shape young minds. As someone once said “Vision without action is a dream; action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference”. A positive difference is exactly what we aim at achieving through Ryan TV.

The Ryan TV team is in the process of coming out with their television channel. Its target audience is the X-gen, i.e., the next generation. India is a young country, with more than 54% of Indians being 25 years old and less. This channel will be an ‘Edutainment’ channel aimed at providing practical value based entertainment to its viewers.

You will be glad to know that complementary to the television channel, we have already started Ryan TV on the web, i.e., Apart from the various programmes, we also have a lot of exciting contests lined up for everyone. The first mega event on Ryan TV started with the annual Ad film festival known as “Iceplex Ad- Film Awards” (IAFA). Iceplex Ad- Film Awards is the world’s first online Ad -Film making contest for students in the age group 11 years to 21 years.

BBN – Beyond Breaking News

The Ryan International Schools, through its media initiative, has taken giant strides in this regard and had launched the BBN (Beyond Breaking News) course for the benefit of those interested in T.V. News journalism.

YJ’s – Young Journosknows!!!

Students (11 to 21yrs.) who complete the BBN course qualify as YJs – Young Jourknows. These students can be seen on Topper TV (DTH) television channel, in a programme called Young Jourknows. The new path-breaking show ‘Young Jourknows’ takes the viewers beyond Breaking News, bringing them news of the people, for the people, but by the Youth!

Media Studies

Ryan TV was started in 2008 by the Ryan International Group of Institutions, with the aim of providing media development for its students. Embodying the vision of Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto, Chairman of the Ryan International Group of Institutions; of equipping the students with skills to explore and realize their multiple talents, RIGI, through its media initiative ICEPLEXTM, carries out various media courses for students as part of the curriculum as well as through separate short term training courses.

ICEPLEXTM has been designed keeping in mind the web as well as other media. Basic all round media development to students, is being given in the fields of content creation for production and post production work in short films, advertising, and TV News Presentation and Production.

Media Studies for the students of RIS Chembur was started in October 2010. Here the students of RIS Chembur from the 4th to the 8th standards and 3rd to 8th from RGS Chembur are reaping the benefits of MedIa Studies.

Needless to say the students are learning the basics of film making in all its stages, pre-production, production and post production. As Robert Altman said, “Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes” and Media Studies enables the students to comprehend and pursue one more career option when they leave school to begin the rest of their life.

IAFA – ICEPLEX AD FILM AWARDS the web portal of the Ryan International Group of Institutions continues to organize the World’s First Online Ad Film contest for the age group 11 to 21 yrs in the form of Iceplex Ad Film Awards or IAFA. Every year we continue with the tradition and organise IAFA awards. Every year IAFA receives enormous amount of registrations and Ad DVD”s.


FPC is a part of the “Education Through Lens” program, conceptualized by our Chairman Dr.Augustine Pinto. FPC will allow students to develop real-world skills like- solve problems, budget, and schedule, analyze, research, plan, imagine and communicate their ideas to others. Today’s kids are well schooled in high tech toys and gadgets, especially computers, cell phones and video games. As a ‘film making activity for kids’ the students will learn team work, leadership and organizational skills, Problem solving, logical and analytical skills, Oral, written and visual communication awareness of family, community and self. So, through FPC, students will be able to express themselves along the lines of our motto at Iceplex i.e. “Celebrating Creativity, Celebrating Children”.
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Sports play an important role in the overall development of a child. The academic excellence is incomplete without a robust outdoor calendar that prepares the young minds to face the challenges head on and develop mental and physical alertness; and thus become highly productive individuals who can play a greater and crucial role in nation building. However, to maximize the positive benefits that sports have for children, a balance must be found that matches the child’s maturity, interests and skills with their sports participation.

At Ryan International Group, we firmly believe that participation in sports is an essential part of the learning process. All our 128 plus institutions have a highly engaging outdoor calendar focusing on various sporting activities.

Sports encourage teamwork and being part of a team might help your child learn to interact with peers in a positive way. Sports can help your child build self-confidence and build leaderships skills as well. In order to encourage the culture of sports in our institutions, we at the Ryan Group recently inaugurated the one of its kind, state-of-the-art tennis court at Ryan Global School; Andheri. We have also roped in ace tennis star Mahesh Bhupati to encourage the sporting spirit among our students for an all round development.

It is well known that children who participate in sports can also reap emotional benefits when they are given positive sporting role models and experiences. From sports children learn the value of practice and the challenge of competition, and these are lessons that can be applied to other non-sporting parts of their lives. Given the right examples, children can also use sports to create a healthy self-image. While there is little to dispute about the importance of sports in instilling the right values among children, the need of the hour is to take this fact in its right spirit by following the Ryan example.