Workshop on Solar Reading Lamps

Thomas Alva Edison once said, “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!” If a great inventor and businessman like Edison could reckon solar energy as a lucrative venture 85-90 years ago, then we Ryanites, firmly resolve to cultivate his inkling into a real sustainable project. So, on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day and to understand the basic viable applications of solar energy, our school organized a workshop for 20 students with a solar energy researcher and expert, Mr. G M Saxena who through his myriad researches elucidated the various uses of solar power domestically and commercially. His expertise fluxed a brainwave through the students’ minds to bank upon and take up this idea to professionally create a justifiable business of solar lamps, in particular. The school arranged for the raw materials and equipment required to develop a solar study lamp. All students assembled at the workstation and were taught the procedure to make a solar lamp by Mr. Saxena. Right from the minutest details regarding the parts there in a solar lamp to the process of soldering, joining and fixing, the students were trained skillfully. The students then themselves prepared solar lamps and took their assembled product home. It was an enriching and elevating experience for the students, who at this stage of their lives had actually been imparted with the most practical mechanical knowledge. When asked for feedback, students replied affirmatively and appreciated the students’ team and the school’s effort for organizing such a workshop for them and leaving behind a stirring experience with them. They assured to carry forward this knowledge for the good of the society and become the harbingers of change.