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Admission Process

As a Parent, if you intend to develop your child through the right educational process and values, we would welcome your initiative as an effective citizen of our country to join us in building our Nation’s most important student resource. For enrolling your child to our institution, please send an email to the school of your choice. To select the school, please click on “Locate Our Schools” menu on the home page.

Studying at Ryan is your first step to holistic education. With a world-class environment that fosters sharp learning skills, a top-of-the-line curriculum that offers the best in education and a management that has been at the forefront of propagating quality education in the country, you will find all the right reasons to be part of this blue-chip brigade.

The curriculum practiced at the Ryan Schools provides an unparalleled learning experience and a global platform for all our students who are now placed in the best universities across the globe. At Ryan, we take immense pride in our unique approach to academics. Apart from classroom learning, we have a rich outdoor activity calendar to focus on the holistic development of our students.

We host some of the biggest international school events in the country like the International Children’s Festival of Performing Arts, The Indian Model United Nations and annual trips to the NASA to inculcate the scientific spirit. We also organize various sporting, social and creative events to develop the leadership spirit among the children to prepare them for life beyond classroom.