20141105_101600 Our Chairman Sir, Dr. A.F Pinto firmly believes in the thought ‘Cleanliness is Next to Godliness’. The Swacch Bharat Campaign started off on a very positive note a across the country. To propagate this message of our honorable Prime Minister , Nimisha Aggarwal a student of class XI took the initiative of starting a local cleanliness campaign in the surrounding Badshahpur locality, ably supported by the school principal Ms. Rashmi Prakash. Around 170 students from the school took to the streets for the same. Suitably equipped they themselves took up the cleaning job and even picked up litter and garbage thrown on the streets. Students spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness with the help of colourful posters, bright banners and enthusiastic slogans. The local people were very positive and even joined the students in the initiative. Some of them even suggested that students should do such awareness drives on a regular basis and said ‘It does make a difference’. Students performed a very informative street play ‘Swacch Bharat Hamara Bharat’. The campaign turned out to be a resounding success with everyone pledging to work towards a cleaner and greener India.