Stress Management

IMG_0304 The class XII Psychology Students from Ryan International School, Sohna Road enacted in an inter group activity on Stress Management on 03/07/15. The core objective of this activity was to provide a platform to learn the varied techniques to cope up with stress. It was a competitive activity in which six groups participated. They enacted depicting the situations given to each group and highlighted the techniques to cope up with stress. Each group was very communicative and showcased the stress management techniques. Following students were declared winners-
  1. Bhavya Agarwal
  2. Misbah Gilani
  3. Nupur Parveen
  4. Meghna Singh
  5. Akansha Bose
  6. Swarnima
School Principal, Rakhi Verma and Senior Wing Section Incharge congratulated the winners and appreciated the efforts of the students.