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“The words cast spell that’s why they are called spellings.” All the finalists had a tough fight in the final round of Inter Class Spell Bee Competition conducted on 12th April , 2016 in the school amphitheatre. The first round of Spell Bee was a preliminary intra class round where every student was tested on the basis of a written test of a set of twenty words. The best three students of each section of class XII were chosen. The chosen top 26 competed against each. This competition was a very interesting battle for the words judging their vocabulary knowledge , listening skills and presence of mind showcased intelligently . The audience round was also very thrilling and interesting when they were given five tricky words to spell .The students gave each other tough competition but finally Ishrita Bagchi (XII-F) emerged as the winner of the competition, followed by Ashwairya (XII-C) at II position and Abhas Singh (XII -F) at III position. Principal Rakhi Verma congratulated all the winners and motivated the students to have good command over spellings which form the basis of any language .