Sudoku, the classic numbers puzzle, has been around for decades and still manages to put to test the analytical skills of the solver.   To celebrate the age old puzzle, an inter class Sudoku competition was organized for the students of class XI and XII. After an intra class session, the top 3 fastest solvers qualified for the final round. All the finalist were given 10 minutes to solve a Sudoku puzzle and fill in the 9×9 grid with the digit 0 to 9. Three winners emerged each from class XI and XII.   Winners:   XI                                            XII
  1. Deepika                           1. Apoorva Agarawal
  2. Vishwani Gupta               2. Deepak Yadav
  3. Rishabh                           3. Chahat Goyals1 s2 s3 s4