Day Adventure Capsule at CampTikkling, Gurgaon


Under the guidance of our respected Chairman Sir, Dr. A.F. Pinto, out school had organized a Day Adventure Camp at Camp Tikkling, Gurgaon for classes-VI to XII on 1st November, 2014. Keeping Sir’s vision point ‘Sports, Leisure and Recreation’, in minds, the activities were conducted. Students departed from school at 8.00am, reached camp at 9.00am and had activities till 1.00pm. There was a DJ and more activities conducted after lunch. The students were provided with snacks afterwards. Departure was at 4:30pm and the students arrived at school within an hour. Some of the activities conducted were artificial wall climbing, tug of war, camel cart ride, pottery and many more. Students had a lot of enjoyment and fun. The camp played a major role in imbibing the quality of leadership and team-building. Students left the camp with the spirit of togetherness and sharing.