Scholastic activity “ TURNCOAT COMPETITION” was conducted for the students of class X on 02.05.15. Every student participated in the activity. The topic was given to the students on the spot and they were given a minute to prepare for their topic. The activity was planned and executed at Intra and Inter class level. Best three debators from each section of class X were selected, out of whom best two qualified for the inter-class level. The inter class competition was held on 2 May 2015 in the English lab, wherein out of a total of 12 students Soha Bhatia, Anna J. Sekaran , Paavan Taneja and Aditya Gaur bagged the first second and third position respectively. The competition successfully enthused a spirit of confident public speaking and expression of the views of the youth on certain hot topics like :should sex education be a part of curriculum, honesty is the first tree to be felled, Media- a watchdog or a peeping tom..,etc.t1 t2 t3