Montessori Graduation and Primary Award Ceremony

Respected Chairman Sir Dr. A.F. Pinto, envisions that every child is a King or Queen in making, moving on the journey of all round development, the parents witnessed their children graduating from Montessori to Primary Wing. The memorable day began with invoking Lord Almighty’s blessings through some melodious praise and worship songs. The Ryanites presented a rainbow of cultural programme prepared under the table stewardship of teachers. The brimming buddies were acknowledged for their talent in various streams. Some of them being oratory skills, singing, dancing, reading, creative writing, attendance, excellence in academics and governance skills. Students who exhibited all round excellence were crowned as Ryan Prince and Princess. The captivating poetry of footsteps left the audience spell bound. The vibrant and colourful costumes adorned by the dancers were mesmerizing and added beauty to the dances. The enactment of the play truly justified the theme “Explore the world” as the Pied Piper took the audience through various countries beginning from Spain, Arabia, Italy to Latin America, Portugal and India. The students beautifully showcased a blend of meticulous and praiseworthy efforts. Their performances reflected a perfect combination of elegant, splendid and ethnic maneuvering. The performances were so inviting and engaging that the eminent guests were induced to tap a foot along with the dancers. The honourable guests of the glorious day, Comm. Vijay Kumar, Mr Joginder Nandwani (Wing Comm.), Mr. S.K. Ahuja (Chief Editor), Mr. Amarjeet Kataria (DSP), Ms. Seema Pahuja (Counsellor), Ms. Poonam Bhatnagar (General Secretary, NGO Deepshikha), Col. C.L. Jain, Mr. Vijay Kapoor (Theatre Artiest), Prof. Louis Bregger (Clemson University, USA), Col. R.S. Yadav, Ms. Anjana Gosain (CEO Tiger Trust Club) appreciated the efforts of everybody involved. Principal Ms. Rakhi Verma proudly presented the achievements of the Ryan Group and the school, expressed her gratitude to the guests and parents for encouraging the children to put their best foot forward and making the celebration a success. The show concluded with the school anthem followed by the national anthem.