Missouri Trip




DSCN0642Missouri Trip

A trip to Missouri was organised for classes IX to XII during the summer vacations. The students departed at 10 PM in the night on 21st May 2014 from Ryan International School, Sohna Road. They prayed to the Lord Almighty along with their principal Dr. Mouna Gupta for their safe journey. In all, there were sixty students.  Five teachers accompanied them on the journey. The students reached Dehradun at 6 AM and changed busses for Missouri. The students reached Missouri at 9 AM. They stayed at Hotel Hill Queen on Mall Road. After reaching there, rooms were allotted to the students. Then they went for breakfast. After unpacking and freshening up, the students enjoyed in the hotel premises by playing games and then had lunch. After lunch at 12:30 PM they went to Kempty Falls. At Kempty Falls, the students played in the falls and enjoyed the water. Then, they went to Company Bagh where there were a wide range of activities like rides and boating. The gardens were a feast for the eyes. The students also learnt about the fauna of the area. Students enjoyed these activities immensely. By the time the students reached the hotel, they were quite tired but satisfied with the day’s activity. The experience of walking on the beautiful mountain roads was an enriching experience. The next day, students geared themselves up for a trek to Gun Hill Point. The students were very enthusiastic and started the trek with determination to reach the top. Once they reached the summit, they saw the mountainside and all the places in Missouri through a telescope. Gun Hill Point had a lot of interesting games and shops. The students enjoyed themselves playing games like “shoot the balloon” and throwing hoops. They also had refreshing juices to revitalize themselves. After that, they returned to the hotel, where they had lunch and rested for a few hours. Then, accompanied by the teachers they went to the mall road where they bought gifts and souvenirs. They had a good time browsing through the local shops. In the evening a dance [party was organised for the students with a sumptuous Chinese buffet. The students danced to their favourite songs and had a lot of fun. The next day, after breakfast they boarded the busses for the return journey. Enroute, they halted for lunch. The students were delighted that they had been given the opportunity for such a wonderful trip by the school management. They were thankful to their principal Dr. Mouna Gupta for arranging the trip.