Young Future Scientists

077ab55046ce80eaf9a3ddea999597ca_M Science Olympiad Foundation exams were held in 14 countries across Asia with around 20 lakhs participants. Out of which 4 students from Maharashtra secured the 1ST International rank, of which 3 were from Mumbai. Our Winners of Cambridge School Kandivali – (East): 1. Mst. Samarjeet Sahoo –International Rank 1 in 11th National Cyber Olympiad 2. Mst. Samarjeet Sahoo –State Rank 2 in 14th National Science Olympiad 3. Mst. Shreshth Geevith – State Rank 2 in 11th National Cyber Olympiad 4. Mst. Meet Parag Agarwat – State Rank 3 in 11th National Cyber  Olympiad.